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Documentary Style Wedding Photography

The start of the day is always a whirlwind of commotion and chaos, both exciting and stressful. But sandwiched within these bustling moments are the quieter ones, where the grandeur of the day sets in and emotions begin to bubble.


Portrait shoots are probably one of the quieter occasions of the day, where the bride and groom get to spend time to just be with each other while I get the opportunity to unleash my creativity and produce some beautiful pieces of art.



Everything boils down to this one moment, where the doors to the church opens and the couple is engulfed by an tsunami of feelings joy and nervousness. This is the moment, where a promise is made, to have and to hold, for all of eternity.


Sometimes, at weddings, not everything goes as planned, whether it's people are late, the cake is tipping over, or it's just not the kind of "perfect" you imagined. BUT, no matter what surprises might arise, you and your other half can always depend on each other.



Weddings are about the past, present and future - all at once, somehow pinched into the space of a day. Overwhelming emotions of tears, excitement and laughter of all who attend are all hallmarks of this tremendous day.


Sometimes, images can be more like feelings. Specific in that it is most definitively a moment, yet unspecific in that the moment is reflective of many moments. Alone, yet surrounded, immersed in joy and in love. These are weddings.


Scene Setter